Wrap Pendant Loop

You can use wire for fixing pendants and also beads.

Wrapped Pendant Loop

When working with pins – either head pins or eye pins – it is the wiring technique that is used.


  1. Thread the beads onto the pins.
  2. Make the loop.
  3. Cut off excess head pin material with a side cutter.
  4. Attach the newly formed loop to another loop or any other findings such as earring loops

    Plain headpin loop

    Plain Headpin Loop

    Wrapped headpin loop

    Wrapped Headpin Loop


Summer Holiday Earrings

Summer Earrings

2 x Crimping tube, 2 x 1.8 mm, silver,
2 x French ear wire, silver,
2 x Jump rings, 4 mm, silver,
2 x Jump rings, 5 mm, silver,
Tiger tail, 0.31 mm, grey, 80 cm

Beads : Swarovski Article No. 5000 , 6mm – 26 pcs ( Choose you own colour )

Pendants : Swarovski Article No. 6000, 11×5.5mm or 6007, 7x4mm – 24 pcs


Crimping pliers
Flat nose pliers
Side cutte

Step 1

Step 1: cut 35 cm tiger tail with a side cutter. slide on the 13 swarovski crystal Pearls article 5810 6 mm alternating
with 12 swarovski Pendants article 6007 7×4 mm (starting with a swarovski Bead article 5000). slide on a
crimping tube after the crystals.

Step 2
Step 2:  go through the crystals and the crimping tube twice. crimp the tube with crimping pliers as shown in the

Step 3
Step 3:  open a 5 mm jump ring sideways with flat nose pliers. Hang a 4 mm jump ring onto the open 5 mm jump ring
and hang it on the earring (on the tube). close the jump ring as shown.

Step 4
Step 4:  open the French ear wire with flat nose pliers. attach it to the 4 mm jump ring and close the ear wire. repeat
steps 1 – 4 for the second earring.


Welcome to the Ching’s Blog

Untitled picture

Do you feel that you are in a creative rut and looking for something to fill that void?

Are you drawn to beautiful things but feel that it would be so much better if it had a bit more of this or a little less of that?

I guess that we all do from time to time as we seek that ideal outlet for our creative urges. When I was a young girl growing up in China I created an outlet for my creativity by making daisy chains and bracelets out of materials left around the home. We didn’t have much but with a little creative flair and imagination I started to put together small accessories that I was really proud of.

Nowadays I have turned my passion into a business replacing odd bits of material with pretty beads and crystals spreading the word out to the wider jewelry making community about the pleasure derived from being creative and making something that is totally unique.

When I started Chings Beads & Jewelry I had no idea how things would turn out but I have been amazed at how wonderful you’ve all been. Only yesterday a customer of mine was commenting on the incredible range of Swarovski beads that was available and how it has given her such a creative ‘buzz’!

So I only hope that my customers everywhere will continue to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and feel the passion and love that is, to me, the real spirit of true harmony.

Ching x