Essential beading supplies every crafter needs


Whether you’re a professional jewellery maker or just love to create special items for loved ones, you’ll always need to have some basic supplies on hand to help your finished pieces look perfect. To make sure you’re properly kitted out, we’ve listed some of the most essential beading supplies that you should always have in your craft kit:

1. Beading needles

Ever tried threading beads by hand? You’ll soon get eye strain unless you’ve got these valuable beading supplies in your kit! Beading needles are not like regular needles – they come in a range of sizes to work with different beads, and have a narrower eye, designed to help you thread beads more easily.

2. Beading thread

Along with needles, another important part of your beading supplies will of course be beading thread! This is not the same as regular sewing thread – beading thread is smoother and stronger, and is designed to craft jewellery with. You can find thread in a variety of materials, including silk and nylon, as well as different thicknesses and colours.

3. Thread conditioner or lubricant

This might seem like an odd one, but if you’re making lots and lots of beaded jewellery, you’ll soon find that thread can become weak, or even worse – get tangled up! Thread conditioner can be used to lubricate and strengthen thread, to ensure beads come on more easily, and that the thread will not weaken and break over time.

4. Bead trays

If you’re working with lots of different beads in a variety of colours and sizes – especially if you’re the kind of crafter with multiple projects on the go – then bead trays are an absolute must have. You can use special trays designed for crafters, or any small container to hold your different beads carefully. Whatever you use, a bead tray will help keep beads safe and separated from each other, making beading far more easier.

5. Bead scoop

Using a proper scoop might seem unnecessary, but if you’re trying to take out tens or even hundreds of beads by hand from a big container, you’ll soon find that trying to pick them out by hand can get pretty tiresome! A bead scoop is a convenient and mess-free way of getting at your beads – and you can easily put them back into containers with them too.

6. Spotlight

Our final two essential beading supplies are all about making the task of working with fiddly little beads much easier. If you find yourself squinting to see what you’re doing, a small spotlight will make it much easier, by illuminating the area you’re working on.

7. Magnifying glass

When you’re using extremely small beads and are trying to find that miniscule hole, it can get quite difficult! A magnifying glass will make beads much easier to see, and speed up the process of beading.


These are just some of the basic essentials you’ll need when working with beaded jewellery. As you continue, you’ll naturally expand your collection of supplies. Have fun!


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