Craft ideas for Japanese seed beads


Delicate and refined, Japanese seed beads are wonderful beads to make all kinds of jewellery with, and can be used in a variety of forms. You can choose from a great range of colours, sizes and textures, making them a fantastically versatile craft item to work your creative magic with! To get your ideas started, have a look at 5 great ideas for getting crafty and creative with these fantastic little beads:

1. Minimalist simplicity

Sometimes the simplest joys are the best – and the refined beauty of Japanese seed beads work wonderfully when you want to create something that is unfussy, but still exceptionally attractive.

For an elegant and minimalist piece of jewellery, string beads across a silk thread and fasten with a simple sliding knot, for an easy bracelet or necklace that can be worn with anything. You can try combining different colour combinations for a funkier look, or for an ultra minimalist look, stick to just one or two colours across the entire piece. Add a touch of contras by using gold plated or sterling silver fixer beads to secure the adjustable knot in place.

2. Textured knits

If you’re a crafty knitter, then this is a great way of working with Japanese seed beads. Try knitting them into one of your favourite patterns, to add texture, colour and a touch of sparkle.

Try adding beads to knitted hats or headbands to give a pretty touch to warm accessories, or try knitted bracelets or arm warmers for a fun take.

3. Hoop party!

Seed beads can be used in a variety of ways – and not just for bracelets or necklaces! Here’s really beautiful way to use them – instead of stringing them onto thread, use a coiling wire instead – and shape into beautiful hoops, which can be turned into bangles or earrings.

You can really get as creative as you like with this – if you’re particularly nimble fingered, you could create a richly textured hoop with multiple layers of beads in different sizes and colours.

4. Personalise it

One of the great things about seed beads is that they have a generally uniform size and shape, making them ideal for stacking and looming alongside each other. If you have a beading loom, you could create some really interesting patterns – from flowers and stars, to names or an inspirational message.

To make the most impact, it’s a good idea to plan out your pattern first, and choose colours to suit the style. If you’re creating a word or name, use a contrasting colour such as white, or a bright shade, to make sure it will stand out.

5. Colour block style

Bold, chunky bangles are the perfect accessory for styling up a simple outfit – whether it’s a basic jeans and tee shirt combo – or a glamorous evening outfit. Create a gorgeous bangle using seed beads by threading beads onto string, and then fixing onto a plain cuff.

For a really striking look, create blocks of a single colour and contrast multiple bangles with complementing shades, or combine different colours within one cuff.

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