Choosing the right beads for jewellery making

Fancy getting crafty and making your own jewellery? Or do you want to give someone a personal gift, that’s made all the more special with the hand-made touch?

Making your own beaded jewellery can be a great way to explore your creative ideas, and create a result that’s really unique. But before you embark on any project, it’s essential that you have the right beads for jewellery making. To help you out, here are some essential tips you should think about.


Design your project

First things first – you need to plan out your creative jewellery project. Whether you’re only making a single bracelet or plan to create a whole range of matching items, it’s helpful to know just what you plan to do.

Think about styles, designs and colour schemes. You may want to sketch out ideas, or just doodle different colour combinations to see how they work together. This way, when it comes to purchasing the beads for jewellery making, you won’t be left baffled and wondering where you should start!

How much skill do you need?

Another important aspect to consider is skill level. Different types of craft require different skills – and some are harder than others. While simply threading beads onto a chain or string may not be too difficult, you might need to spend more time on finishing off – such as adding a sliding knot to a bracelet, or looping off metal fixtures.

You may also need to use special tools, such as pliers or wire cutters. Alongside the beads for jewellery making, having the essential utensils is also a must have, if you want to make your own jewellery, and it’s an important part of any preparation before you start.

Brush up

If the jewellery you want to make needs more advanced skills than you currently have – you have a few choices. Either you can find a simpler way of doing it, change your design entirely – or swot up on your creative skills.

If you fancy learning a new skill, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun. It can be an incredible rewarding activity, and you’ll gain some special skills. There are lots of helpful videos and tutorials online, where you can find out how to do everything from crocheting with wire, to operating a glass torch!

But be warned – you will need to be patient. While some skills are easy, they can seem fiddly to the first timer, and it’s easy to get frustrated. While other skills are more complicated – and you’ll need to spend a lot more time perfecting them, before you can start making anything.

How long will it take?

The last part to think about before you start a jewellery making project is how long will it take you? More importantly, will you have enough time to commit to it? There’s nothing worse than unfinished projects with beads and charms lying around, cluttering your space!

Are you working to a deadline such as an upcoming birthday, or do you have plenty of time? Be realistic in how much time you think you can really spend – and plan your project accordingly.

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